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Apvee is a SaaS startup company based in Italy but providing services worldwide. They focus on collaboration services for the Microsoft 365 platform. They are creating plugins for Microsoft 365 that let you increase your productivity and make the experience more pleasant for everyday use.

The goal

The goal of this project

The client wanted to express that the brand offers simple solutions to complex problems. Apvee describes itself as modern, simple, and clean. Our goal was to create branding that would match this tech company vibe. After branding, we started with UI/UX design for the website.

Old design

The design they had before

Apvee wanted complete branding from logo to merchandise. They had a few examples of logos, but none of them fit the needs and matched the company’s vibe. The biggest issue was that they had a couple of logo versions and not one. They were different and didn’t fit the value they were creating. As for the website, they had none at that moment, so we started with wireframes and created mobile and desktop website design after that.

Apvee old logo

New solution

What we have created?

The logo has a techy style and a meaning behind it. At first sight, the icon is a lowercase letter A, but if you look closely, that little piece on the bottom completes the square shape. The idea behind the icon is that Apvee creates solutions that will complement your user experience of Microsoft 365.

The colors we chose have a mature, sophisticated, and technological vibe. They perfectly represent what Apvee is and what kind of solutions they create.

Regarding the website design, we have chosen a clean and minimalistic approach. The website’s main goal is to promote their products and services and introduce Apvee to the world. It’s easy to navigate and find the information you are looking for.


Some numbers

We completed the branding part in less than two months. And UI/UX design in 2. During that time, we had several client meetings and a fun voting session for the best logos at the office.

2 brand designers, 1 UI/UX designer, and 1 project manager worked on this project.
Our team used Adobe Cloud and Figma for this project.
10+ meetings had during the project.


What we have learned?

Branding is very connected to what you want to be as a brand. Some decisions are made based on the keywords and future perspectives of the brand. Brand identity is an essential part of the puzzle, but you and your team created a brand.

P.S. If you are a designer reading this case study, this is a little but important tip. Please don’t send a bunch of logos to the client, have a quick call and then present the ideas. You will save tons of time and headaches.


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