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Beautycismus is a skincare beauty brand based in Germany that creates and produces high-quality skincare products. To be BEAUTYCISMUS means to be free, successful, and confident.

Old design

Situation and our insights on it

The client decided to create a new website from the ground up. The main reason was that they were using a different name to promote these products in Lithuania, and the old website needed to be updated, and impractical to fix or work with. Our mission was to design the new website from scratch. 

The goal

The goal of this project

Our mission was to create a UI/UX design that would be modern, unique, easy to use, and represent the company’s vision and innovative products.

New solution

What we have created?

The main customers of this brand are middle age women. This information was always around us when we were designing the website. It has to be very easy to use and understand because this group sometimes has difficulties understanding user journeys on different websites. We have made a light, easy, modern design that is very UX friendly. That was the main goal of the project. Take a look at some screens below.


Some numbers

We completed the website design in around 2 months.

We had around 5 meetings.

1 UI/UX designer and 1 project manager worked together on this project.

“Figma” was the primary tool. 


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