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Biofirst Clinic

Biofirst Clinic – the future of medicine today. It’s a clinic of advanced medicine and esthetics. You can find all the latest treatment and diagnostic technology in one place! BIOFIRST believes that a successful future starts with good health, and because of that, they ensure quality prevention and accurate diagnostics.

The goal

The goal of this project

This project aimed to create a UI/UX design for a system where patients could register for their visits to the clinic. 

New solution

What we have created

We have created an easy-to-understand UI/UX design solution for their clinic. Biofirst uses this platform internally to track patients’ data, and the clinic’s patients can register for procedures. 

This platform for Biofirst clinic helped save a lot of time and other misunderstandings because everything is in one system.


Some numbers

1 UI/UX designer and 1 Project Manager worked on this project.

Figma was used for design creation.

The design was completed in 3 months.


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