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Less is more – that’s the motto of Day2Day. This brand produces high-quality and organic CBD oil for daily use. Such a product requires a representative and respective branding, packaging, and UI/UX solution to accompany and speak for the brand but still keep the minimalism and focus on the quality of the product itself.

Brand vision

How do they want to position themselves?

Day2Day was a new CBD oil brand coming to the market. The main emphasis was on expressing the brand’s quality, organic, and minimalism. We helped with branding, packaging, and UI/UX for its e-commerce website. As CBD oil is getting popular, it’s an opportunity to slice a piece of a big audience. 

The goal

The goal of this project

Creating a new brand from zero is a dream of every designer. You have a chance to build the whole identity and representation. Our goal was to represent the product and its central values with minimal and unique branding, packaging, and UI/UX design.

Brand identity

How do we develop the Day2Day brand identity?

The client came to us having a name for a brand. Their naming is Day2Day. They chose this name because they wanted to tell people that CBD oil is a product people should use daily. Many people use CBD to get a better night’s sleep, so we have decided to show that with a little modern moon as the icon. You go to sleep at night and restart your day when you wake up full of energy.  

The client wanted a clean, minimalistic brand that should catch people’s attention. Other brands in the CBD field usually use more bright colors and even heavier designs. The whole brand communication has a premium feel, and photos of the products are the main details that bring color to this brand. We will explain UI/UX solution for the Day2Day website.


UI/UX solution we have created

The primary purpose of the website is to sell these products. That’s why it’s an e-commerce website. It has the same light feeling as the premium photos we have mentioned. The main focus goes on the products and how they are making them. We created a user-friendly UI/UX solution because we don’t want to confuse users on the website. Also, the user journey is swift. You open the website in a couple of clicks, order the product, fill in your information, and that’s it. Your CBD oil is on its way to your home.

Extra work

Packaging design and photoshoot

For Day2Day, we have created their packaging and some photos. One of our designers is also a photographer, so we could quickly help them with these tasks. Of course, it’s not a digital design, but still, they are using our photos and packaging on their website. 


Some stats

10+ meetings during the project. 

We spent 3+ months working on this project.

5 members were involved in this project.


What have we learned?

During this project, we have learned a lot about CBD oil and its effect on people and animals. It was a new product for our team, and no one used it before starting a project. We also learned that this industry is still developing in Europe, and if you want to jump on this train, it’s the best time.


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