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Defined Chase

Defined Chase is a digital marketing agency providing content solutions, strategy, digital marketing tools, and consultations.

Defined Chase came to us with a need for a rebrand. Their old logo and name, “Planuotojas” no longer matched the vision. As a digital marketing agency, they needed to be well recognized and stand out from the market.

The goal

The goal of this project

Our goal was to create a logo matching the digital space client operates, making them stand out from the competitors. Also, we wanted to bring more fun elements to the branding because, in marketing, companies usually go with safe and sometimes dull brands.

New solution

What we have created

The idea behind the new logo is that the company is chasing the actual result. And not only chasing, but they’re delivering them. As they said, “We are not chasing ducks. We are chasing results”.


Some numbers

We completed this project in around two months. We had several client meetings during this time. It was hard to find a good idea, but after several attempts, we did it.

2 brand designers and 1 project manager worked on this project.

We used Adobe cloud to create this project.

We had around 5 meetings in total.


How do we feel after the project?

We were pleased to have a client that wasn’t afraid of bold, fun, and creative ideas. Also, the Defined Chase team became our friends after working with them. Don’t hesitate to contact them if you need a fantastic marketing team!


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