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DreamCubator helps companies integrate, implement and adapt #1 CRM – Salesforce for growing companies with all the data in one place. They are certified Salesforce partners. Also, they are the right choice because they thrive on quality. That’s why they invest in quality assurance processes – all your data will be 100% accurate, and the solutions and consultations they provide will be top-notch.

The goal

The goal of this project

DreamCubator’s old style needed to be updated and represent the company’s values and goals. They felt the old website slowed down their growth because it needed to look more professional. Also, the old website needed some important information added.

DreamCubator came to us with a requirement for social media style and new web design. Their branding guidelines were already established and had to be used for a new solution.

New solution

What have we created?

The new website now matches the brand and values they want to show to their clients. It is bold, interactive, and playful. The main design elements that we used were squares and cubes. It is because their brand is created based on these shapes. On the new website, information is more readable and easier to understand, even for a new visitor.


Some numbers

We completed this project in 2 months.
2 Brand designers, 1 UI/UX designer, and 2 project managers worked on this project.
Figma and Adobe Cloud were used to create this project.
We had 5+ meetings during the process.


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