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JKL is a youth political organization that has been active in Lithuania for more than 25 years. It unites patriotic and politically active young people into the Young Conservative League.

Old design

Design they had before

They approached us with a mission to recreate their branding, which has been outdated and needed to appeal to the young audience that it represents. JKL introduced its old logo more than 10 years ago. 

The goal

The goal of this project

Looking at the old branding, we wanted to change the logo, color palette, typography, and social media look.

Our goal with the rebrand was to express the organization’s confidence, intelligence, ambition, braveness, and structuredness. But the most crucial task was to make it appealing to the young audience it represents and unites.

New solution

What we have created

We created this very clear, simple, easy-to-read, and symmetrical logo. As we say in Lithuanian: paprastas kaip dvi kapeikos, which means it’s very simple yet has everything it should.


Some numbers

We have completed this project in around two months. We had several client meetings during this time, and we confirmed the logo ideas in the first round! 

1 brand designer and 1 project managers worked on this project. 

We used Adobe cloud to create this project. 


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