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Nord Security

The second Unicorn in Lithuania – Nord Security. Their mission is to shape a more trusted and peaceful online future for people anywhere in the world. From stopping cybercrimes to protecting your personal data – Nord Security covers it all.

The goal

The goal of this project

As a brand of this scale – you must have a highly functioning online user experience. The primary goal of the project was to express and enhance the Nord Security brand through a unique UI/UX solution. Being one of the biggest players in the industry means you have to maintain a flawless, up-to-date website that demonstrates who you are and clearly represents your services.

Old design

Design they had before

The initial design had a lack of relevant information and clarity for the user. Additionally, it was created a long time ago and it required a visual update from the UI side.

New solution

What have we created?

The updated version was designed to bring more clarity and trust to an already familiar brand. Our new web design solved user experience problems as well as user interface concerns from before. The solution included adding important information, such as awards, explanation of services, valuable statistics, and more. A new UI/UX solution was a part of the company’s goal to become the second Unicorn in Lithuania!


Some stats

This is an ongoing project because Nord Security is a very fast-growing company that needs UI/UX support every month for new projects, as well as to keep the main website up-to-date. But take a look at some stats:

3 UI/UX designers and 2 project managers work on this project.
Figma and Adobe cloud was used to create this design.
20 + meetings in the past and this number is still growing.


What have we learned?

The lesson we can all learn from this project is that when you have millions of users worldwide, you must be transparent, trustworthy, and adaptive. That is why big companies need to look up-to-date and give the best online experience possible for their users. That is a clear path to success.


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