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Sun Yarn Studio / Saulės Siūlas

Sun Yarn Studio or Saulės Siūlas is a Lithuanian knitting brand known globally for its high-quality materials, a wide range of yarns and tools, the largest selection of yarn colors, and unique product selection. Their business connects knitters all over the world. Sun Yarn Studio is a brand for the foreign markets and Saulės Siūlas for Lithuanians.

Old design

Design they had before

Sun Yarn Studio came to us for their rebrand because they had an old visual identity, which hasn’t shown anything about their values and product quality. The two most important markets for them are Lithuania and USA. Because of its niche, this brand wanted to show that they are one of the best in this market.

The goal

The goal of this project

The client wanted one logo for both markets so their clients would know that it is the same seller in different countries. Our goal was to create a visual identity connected to their niche and show its quality and naturalness. Also, another challenge was to create an identity that is suitable for their target audience.

New solution

What we have created

The logo we came up with is a stylized knit pattern that looks similar to a knitwear pattern. This way, we can identify that this brand is doing something with knitwear just by looking at its logo. 

The primary color is yellow, as the brand’s name has the sun as the main keyword. We also did a color palette consisting of beige and boho colors to highlight the high quality and naturalness. The whole brand identity is quite simple and light.


Some numbers

We have completed this project in around one month. We had several client meetings during this time, and we confirmed the logo ideas in the first round! 

1 brand designer and 2 project managers worked on this project. 

We used Adobe cloud to create this project. 

We had around 5 meetings in total.


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