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Top Web Design Agency in Lithuania

Design is a vast industry where technical skills and creativity combine. In order for any team to find success in it, they need to prove their skills in various fields. This is the reason why while there are numerous design agencies all over the world, there are only a few that get most of the market.

It’s because of this reality that we’re incredibly proud to share the news. We’ve recently been named as one of the most reviewed design agencies by The Manifest. 

The Manifest is a company listing website that features industry leaders with the skills to complete the particular upcoming and ongoing projects. They do this by combining their feedback-based review system with customer service-focused awards.

This means that when a company is included in one of The Manifest’s lists, they are among the select few to impress clients more than the rest of the industry. This system is helping even the playing field for SMEs competing against established brands with large marketing budgets.

We want to express our genuine appreciation to everyone who made this unique milestone possible for our team. The effort they put into publishing honest reviews of our work makes everything we put into each project worth it.

Design can be subjective, which is why many designers work for you, not your target audience. At Rekos, we strive to find the best solution based on your customer needs, positioning, and unique selling points. Our focus is always on what drives your business forward: your clients.

When you find something interesting you want to apply to your operations of platforms, don’t hesitate to contact our team at your earliest convenience. We will work closely with you to ensure your unique vision and voice manifest into the final product.

We have also got an award from Design Rush, check it our here.

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