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Why change is good?

“The only thing that is constant is change.” – Heraclitus. It’s cliché, but it’s true. The world changes exponentially, yet we are still afraid of change. We don’t like to admit it; we are conditioned to fear the unknown, and in this modern age where everything moves so fast, it’s crucial to constantly adapt our mindsets and behaviors. That‘s why Rekos stands by the motto We‘re the change-makers. Life would be incredibly dull if we didn’t have the opportunity to reinvent ourselves through new experiences and continue learning. And today, we want to tell you the story of our UI/UX designer Eimantė, who wasn‘t afraid of change!

As humans, we tend to resist change. The idea of something new can make us uncomfortable, even if it’s something that would benefit us in the long run. After all, we are creatures of habit, and we like our routines—especially when they work well for us. Eimantė graduated with a bachelor‘s degree in molecular biology and worked in the National transplantation bureau. After working in the same area for 10 years, Eimantė fell into a routine and wanted to try something new, find new opportunities and improve as a human being. She decided to quit her job and started studying multimedia design. You can read more about Eimantė’s story and studies here https://bit.lt/mag/it-darbo-sriti-atradusi-eimante/.

However, 6 months have passed since Eimantė joined our team, and we want to talk with her and see how things are going.


How did people around you react to your decision to change your carrier path?

When I decided to change my carrier path to UX/UI designer, I got much support from others. The reaction that surprised me the most was that many people thought my decision needed much braveness. Personally, I didn‘t think so; you only need to have a strong desire to change your career direction and actually start making the change!


How did you manage to reconcile multimedia studies with personal life?

It wasn‘t hard. Studies started during the COVID-19 pandemic when the meetings with other people were limited, so my connection circle got smaller, and I had more time to study.


Over half a year has passed since you worked for Rekos Agency. Since you were in a completely different field before, how did you succeed in establishing yourself in a new area?

There were two reasons for the successful establishment in the new sphere. First of all, it is due to the friendly team of Rekos Agency, which with which I can learn from mistakes, grow, and improve. And the second thing is that I chose an area that’s really interesting to me, so it’s easy to go deep into new things.


What are the biggest challenges you face at work? What helps to overcome them?

Rekos Agency works with many different projects simultaneously, so in my work, I often have to move from one area to another quickly; sometimes, those areas are very different, e.g., from the e-shop to the dating app. Also, projects often have a limited number of hours you can spend working on them, so the pace is fast.

Discussions with team members, observation of the work process of other UX/UI designers, and the experience that comes with each new project help to overcome these challenges.


How do you learn/improve your knowledge now?

I watch UX/UI podcasts, read online articles about work-related fields, and look at other designers’ work. And obviously, I learn from the comments of my colleagues.


What are your future career plans/desires?

I want to improve my UX/UI skills so that the online projects I create are aesthetic, clear, and user-friendly, and I also want to gain experience working with different types of projects. In addition, as a UX/UI designer, I would like to contribute to a project that addresses environmental (ecological) issues.


Thank you, Eimante, for sharing your inspiring story with us! I think the key takeaway from this should be that you can do anything if you want to. Change is inevitable, and change will happen whether or not we like it. If we embrace change, we can control where our life goes and how quickly we get there. So don’t be afraid to make changes in your life because it will help you grow as a person and help you reach your dreams much faster!

Together we’re the change-makers!

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