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Why do you need branding in social media?

In the previous article, we explained, what branding is, and why it’s essential for every business. Now, let’s continue this theme by discussing branding in social media.

Social media plays a crucial role in how consumers find, research, and spread information about brands and products. In fact, 60% of shoppers who conducted several online product searches discovered a particular brand or retailer via social media. According to research, social media is the place where consumers are increasingly expressing their brand and product loyalty (NM Incite).

Your brand is the face of that unique thing you have to offer the world. Whether it’s a home-based business, an established company, or a startup, regardless of how your brand came to be, you’ll need social media branding to make it grow. Your attempts to connect, network, and convert will be severely hampered if your brand is not on social media. Your website, app, and platform need a social media presence with active engagement.

With these facts in mind, there’s no question that social media plays a crucial role in your brand’s success. Let’s dive deeper into the topic of social media branding.

First of all, what is social media branding? Social media branding means extending your brand’s presence from your website and brand guidelines document to social media. The transfer includes the generation of unique content for all social media platforms. Specifically, visual material like headers, profile images, graphics, advertisements, and your brand voice’s content like descriptions, captions, and follower engagement. You must use your brand colors, fonts, imagery, and other decided details on your physical and online visual content. This means that before starting social media, your business should have brand guidelines. We also talk more about branding on our Instagram (@rekos_agency). Remember that posting on social media must be continued work, not just a thing you can set up once and forget about.

Good social media branding gives you many benefits. Here’s a quick overview:

Now, let’s discuss how to implement branding in your social media.

1. Integrate branding into your everyday content
Let’s repeat it: consistency is key to effective social media branding. That means branding needs to be used for every post – videos, photos, articles, etc. Your brand’s recognition will increase if you consistently use branding across different channels.

  1. Engage potential customers through various channels
    Increase your online visibility by sharing visual content on several platforms; this will also increase the effectiveness of your campaign. Learn where your target audience spends their time and be active on those channels. However, don’t forget that different social media platforms have different post sizes; thus, keep an eye on them. We also discuss this on our Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.
  2. Use templates
    When you have your content strategy, it’s beneficial to have templates for different themes. We suggest this for clients, who know what they want to talk about, are ready to do it regularly, and want to save money. With templates prepared by professionals, you’ll be sure that your branding is correctly implemented in every post. You or your team members will only need to edit the template (change text and pictures), and it will be ready to post. You’ll save money by paying for templates and not for every post, making it easier to post more consistently and have a coherent presence. If you’re thinking about this for your brand, contact us!

To wrap up, your company’s social media branding provides it with identity on a marketing channel where plenty of other businesses advertise. Plan out the content for your brand, conceptualize it, and decide which social media platforms to use to interact with your target audience. To post frequently on social media, create a calendar. Improve your online visibility by interacting with your audience on various social media platforms. Finally, monitor your results. Building a brand is not a walk in the park. You should know if those efforts have been efficient or not.

Note that customer service and user experience are also important aspects of a social media branding strategy. So look into those as well, apart from your social media content.



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NM Incite

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