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It’s difficult to choose the right agency. Don’t guess which design team is the best fit for you. We are so confident, in our quality of work that we’ll give you a free design concept to prove it. Curious? Let’s chat and see if we’re the perfect match!


You have a great business

But an outdated design that your users don’t like?

Having redesigned over 200 projects, we understand the situation you are in. We work with companies like yours every day.

Great website is no longer nice to have it’s must

Outdated website can result in up to an 88% decrease in conversion rates

Make each of your marketing and sales employees efforts count with a website that enhances your credibility, resonates with your users, and actually convert.

Think of us as partners that are passionate about your business as you are

We create websites and products that are tailored to your business


We’ll walk you through our 5-step process to connect your unique selling points with your client needs and ensure our vision is aligned with your expectations.


Our senior specialists will design interfaces with quick feedback loops. We constantly communicate, challenge and iterate to ensure the best quality possible.


We’ll finish by launching your website or product into the market for you to grow even faster.

Strategy, UI/UX

Nord Security

Reshaping second Lithuanian unicorn.

Strategy, UI/UX, Development

Ignitis Group

Reimagining largest energy group in the Baltics.

No internal team needed

We take care of everything from an idea to a published website. All you need to do is tell us your vision and review the progress on each feedback loop.

Strategy, UI/UX, Development


Creating habits in creative industry with user-friendly platform.

Strategy, UI/UX

Žalia Giria

Exceptional digital experience for a water brand that’s reaching millions of people.

Position yourself as a leader

We create modern solutions that are user-focused and results-driven. We ensure users trust you through top-level design that is intuitive.

Trusted by top companies

Clutch average based on 20+ verified reviews. All chances are you’ll be impressed too.

While it’s hard to pinpoint the specific impacts of Rekos Agency’s work, the client is pleased with their designs, communication, and ability to adapt to feedback. The team is timely and offers fair pricing. The client values the partnership; Rekos Agency works well with their in-house developers.

Mantas Aleks, Co-Founder, Breezit

Thanks to Rekos Agency’s work, the new website design is already implemented, satisfying the client’s expectations. They were a professional team who took ownership of the project and made the whole process simple.

Darius Kraucionis, CEO, Fintexus

Rekos UI UX & Visual Identity Design Agency met the client’s requirements and was very helpful. The team was eager to deliver quality work and gave feedback about the client’s requirements. The team delivered work on time and responded quickly through email and virtual meetings.

Lahib Youssef, Owner, Triple Arm Technique

Rekos Agency delivered the project in a timely manner. The client was very satisfied with the deliverables and impressed with the partnership. The service provider’s team was skilled, detail-oriented, and communicative.

Rasa Sosnovskyte, Co-Founder & CEO, Growth Bite

Get a custom design concept for free

Thanks! We will get back to you soon!